How it works

    Maximize the utility of IQ Token on IQ GPT

    Simple, affordable, transparent and packed with lots of benefits.

    IQ GPT offers early access as well as premium features to IQ holders with a maintained minimum balance of 100,000 HiIQ.Benefits includes:

    • Stakers earn IQ tokens and have a say in governance with their voting power based on their HiIQ balance.
    • Stay ahead of the competition with access to real-time price data, trading volumes, market capitalization and other key market data via convenient conversation-like prompting.
    • Get AI generated answers to all your crypto questions powered by data from - the world's largest crypto encyclopedia, Flywheel, AP News, Coinness and others.
    • Equip yourself with AI powered market analysis from real time market data, news and trends.


    How staking works

    Learn how to stake the IQ token to gain full access to IQ GPT and enjoy premium benefits

    Calculating HiIQ Balance

    Your HiIQ balance is determined by the IQ you've staked and the duration of time for which you've locked your IQ. Consider the example where you lock 100,000 IQ for 2 years. This action would result in a HiIQ balance of 200,000 HiIQ. It would take 2 years for your HiIQ balance to drop to 100,000 HiIQ allowing you to use IQ GPT for 2 years.

    Get IQ on ETH and Ethereum

    The easiest place to get IQ on Ethereum is Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. Binance allows users to withdraw and deposit IQ on Ethereum. Other listed exchanges that can help you get IQ in your wallet directly includes frax, sushiswap, Upbit, Qukcswap, etc.

    Add IQ to Metamask

    To make sure IQ on Ethereum shows up in Metamask you'll need to add the IQ token to your Metamask wallet.

    Stake IQ on IQ Dashboard.

    IQ Token can be staked on IQ Dashboard by choosing an amount of IQ and locking it over a period of time. The longer you lock your IQ up for the greater the tokens earned. It is important to stake a total of 100,000 HiIQ to access IQ GPT.


    Some frequently asked questions to help you navigate IQ GPT better.

    IQ GPT is an AI-powered search engine developed by (formerly known as Everipedia), the largest blockchain encyclopedia and a provider of AI-powered knowledge tools. IQ GPT focuses on providing real-time and contextually relevant information within the blockchain domain, making it the world's first AI Crypto Search Engine.

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